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MP3 Players For Sale - The 7 Critical Factors You Need To Look For Before Buying An MP3 Player!

Three of the most popular products stacking up at your local garbage dump have got to be records, cassettes and CD's as the most compact, convenient and simple-to-use gadget to play music on is now known as the mp3 player. Everyone from hip-hopping teenagers to bored office workers just can't seem to live without mp3 players and due to the growing popularity of mp3 players, there are many different types of mp3 players for sale in the marketplace. Well known companies are extremely eager to show off newer and better mp3 players for sale.

Before you buy an mp3 player for sale, it's important to understand that there's a huge number of companies in the marketplace that carry mp3 players for sale. Not all brands of mp3 players for sale are what I would call excellent in quality and offer the best bang for your buck.

To save you time, energy and potentially hundreds of your hard-earned dollars, here are the 7 critical factors you need to look for before buying an mp3 player for sale >>

1. Mp3 players for sale - Perhaps the most critical factor you need to look for before buying an mp3 player for sale is connectivity. What is connectivity? Simply put, it's the way your mp3 player speaks to your computer in efforts to transfer mp3 files, back and forth. You can move mp3 files through USB or FireWire and a few mp3 players for sale are offering a wireless transfer system. Sometimes a special type of cable for your mp3 player is included in the packaging that you can connect from your mp3 player to your computer. You will be able to move the mp3 files over after your computer recognizes the mp3 player.

If you're running a PC and not a Mac, then I'd recommend a USB connector for your mp3 player as FireWire is primarily supported only on Macs. However, both USB and FireWire have unique strengths and weaknesses. USB's universal nature makes it perfect for mp3 players that require high compatibility with current hardware. FireWire's generous power and internet architecture lends well to external storage and mp3 video applications.

Regardless of the connector you choose, realize that transferring mp3 files to and from your mp3 player can take time, especially depending on how many mp3 files you want to transfer.

2. Mp3 players for sale - Who wants to go partially blind by forever squinting to see the characters on an mp3 player? Not me! Even though the display screen on most mp3 players for sale is tiny, you should be able to see the display clearly under all conditions, including being outdoors on a sunny day. Or else, it will be extremely difficult to see what music is playing on your mp3 player, as well as navigating through options such as; song shuffling, volume control and the equalizer on your mp3 player.

3. Mp3 players for sale - Check to see what file types the mp3 player supports before you buy that mp3 player for sale, or else you may waste hours of your precious time prepping mp3 files only to realize they're not compatible for your mp3 player at all! You see, when mp3 files are transferred onto your computer from a CD or downloaded from a website, the type of file it's saved as can vary. Most often, it will default to the mp3 format. However, it could also end up as a .wav, .aac, .wma file or something else.

4. Mp3 players for sale - How many times have you ordered an electronic gadget only to be left with an annoying help file that's impossible to understand and leaving you seething with anger, frustration and less hair follicles in return? Even if that's never happened to you, it's extremely important to know ahead of time if the mp3 player for sale includes software with guided instructions on how to install mp3 files in a quick and easy manner.

5. Mp3 players for sale - Are you related more closely to a hip-hopping teenager who plans to use an mp3 player for motivation as you chase the opposite sex, or an office worker who wants to listen to relaxing music on an mp3 player during a coffee break? That is an important question to answer because mp3 players for sale come in two types of storage capacities: flash based mp3 players and hard drive mp3 players.

Flash based mp3 players for sale are tiny and shiny, normally dropping into the consumers pocket without a snag. They are designed for more energetic mp3 player users, but are offset by the fact that they can't carry more than a few dozen mp3 files unless an expensive memory card is added.

Hard drive mp3 players for sale can hold mp3 files in the thousands and are fantastic for when you want to listen in solitude without having to tug dozens of CD's around. The problem with hard drive mp3 players however, is they have more movable parts, which means bounding along on the Cross Trainer may cause your music to skip if your mp3 player is without a memory buffer.

6. Mp3 players for sale - It's hard to know ahead of time before buying an mp3 player for sale if it can literally bounce off a carpeted or non-carpeted floor, paved sidewalks, the street and other places without losing a beat. Coming up, you'll discover my top 3 picks of durable mp3 players for sale that can do just that!

7. Mp3 players for sale - The mp3 player for sale that you order should come with a variety of accessories that enhance your musical experience! Everything from mp3 player cases, mp3 player stereo ear buds, mp3 player screen protectors, mp3 player auto FM transmitters to chargers are available and often included with your mp3 player of choice. A word of warning... when buying a new mp3 player accessory, make sure that it's compatible with your mp3 player ahead of time. Not all mp3 player accessories will work with the other.

That was a report on the 7 critical factors you need to look for before buying an mp3 player for sale and I guarantee that my top 3 picks of mp3 players for sale have all those qualifications and more!

by: Rich Tweten - http://www.MP3PlayersForSale.blogspot.com

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